meet kate niccol

Women's Health Physiotherapist

My Story

I grew up in the Hills as the eldest of 4. I love the chaos and noise of a large family. My younger siblings may say I have a tendency to be a little bossy….I disagree, and say I have always provided helpful encouragement for those in need! 

I have always loved sport and played pretty much anything on offer. Due to this I sustained a few injuries and I knew from 13 years old that I wanted to be a physio – I haven’t been disappointed with the career choice. 

I spent 7 years working in the Public Health System in country NSW before moving back to the Hills. I feel so lucky to now be able to focus on my passion for Women’s Health Physiotherapy. 

If I’m not at work you will find me relaxing by the pool reading a book after my morning Pilates – oh whoops no you won’t I nearly forgot…. I have two small children! So I guess I will be cooking, cleaning, wiping noses and bottoms, breaking up arguments, finding toys, confiscating toys, kissing knees better, applying band aids, “doing the propeller”, repeating myself, eating sand, jumping on the trampoline and watching one child in particular show a complete imbalance between swimming skill and confidence levels. 

What I have learnt so far….

– Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) Sydney University 

– Introductory to Women’s Health – Taryn Hallman –  WHTA

– Introductory to maternity Physiotherapy – Taryn Hallman  – WHTA

– Advanced pelvic floor: The Early Postnatal Woman – Taryn Hallman – WHTA 

– Advanced pelvic floor: Pelvic Organ Prolapse/Stress Urinary Incontinence – Taryn Hallman –  WHTA

– Advanced pelvic floor: Over Active Bladder – Taryn Hallman – WHTA 

– Advanced pelvic floor: Persistent Pelvic Pain (Genitourinary and anorectal) – Taryn Hallman –  WHTA

– Extension pelvic floor: Birth Choices –  Taryn Hallman –  WHTA

– Mini Update: Levator Trauma – Taryn Hallman – WHTA

– Coccyx Pain – Angela James – Sydney Pelvic Clinic

– The Pregnant Pelvis – Angela James – Sydney Pelvic Clinic

– Ante and Post Natal Pilates – APPI

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