Pregnancy & Post-partum

Our bodies go through a lot of changes during and after pregnancy.  It is a vital part of both your pregnancy and recovery following birth to have an assessment conducted by a specialised women’s health physiotherapist.

support for a healthy pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time where we experience huge changes to our body and mind.  This can be extremely overwhelming, particularly the first time around, with so many unknowns. 

We are here to support you every step of the way throughout your pregnancy.  Our highly experienced team will answer any questions you may have along the way and will work with your antenatal care team to insure you are nurtured through an empowered pregnancy and have the tools to make informed choices around your birth or delivery.

We are passionate about helping you maintain your health and wellness and feel in control throughout your pregnancy. 

We are also here to help you with any aches and pains that may arise due to your growing bump and changes happening to your body to prepare for your bub to enter the world.

We most importantly feel you have the right to be in control of your own birth, even when it does not go to plan.  Having an antenatal assessment from a women’s health physio can help you prepare for your birth and arm you with all the tools to make informed choices given many different circumstances that may arise during birth.

Some of the most common areas we can support you during your pregnancy include:

recovery following Birth

We recommend a physio check around 6 weeks post-partum for all mums who delivered their baby wither vaginally or via c-sections to maximise recovery.  This is an essential check for all new mums as prevention and education are so vital during this period.  Depending on your needs, this may include an assessment of your pelvic floor, core, abdominal muscle separation, incontinence, prolapse, back pain, perineal pain, c-section scar pain and educate you on safe exercises which will return you to your favourite sport or hobby.

Some common conditions associated include:

birth trauma

The birth experience is different for everyone and while it is a positive event for many women, for some it can be a mixed experience or even very negative.  The delivery for some results in physical and/or psychological injuries (trauma) with lasting negative impacts on their lives.  We are here to help women and their partners understand, recover and manage any issues and problems related to the birthing experience.

The Australian Birth Trauma Association, defines birth trauma as a wound, serious injury or damage – it can be physical or psychological (deeply upsetting and distressing) or a combination of both. Both mother and the father/partner can be affected by birth trauma. Their website has a wealth of information and offers valuable links and referrals for support. We can offer 1:1 support and management for the physical trauma and help you understand what may have been a confusing, scary and overwhelming birth experience.

Physical trauma can present as:
Physical trauma (birth injuries) may or may not be identified straight away. You may be the first to notice that something isn’t right. Trust in your instincts and that you know your body ask questions and seek help from health professionals who take the time to listen.
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